Tributes have poured in for a resident in Wallington who recently died after a long battle with Oesophageal Cancer. 

Martin Parker became 'Wallington's most loved celebrity' after sharing his cancer journey to hundreds of residents on Facebook. 

Heartfelt tributes have been paid among the community - including a fundraiser for a memorial tree and two benches in collaboration with Sutton Council. 

Resident Richard Mead has also vowed to hot wax his legs to raise money for The Royal Marsden who supported Martin Parker. 

Martin's friend, Elisabete Nascimento said: "With his resounding spirit Martin touched many lives, he made many friends before and since he was diagnosed, some who met him in person and I was one of the very lucky ones.

"I spent New Year's eve at his house, noticing that the whole of Wallington seemed to have become his family as he excitedly scrolled through the Wallington Surrey page, sipping champagne and listening to 80s music."

Your Local Guardian:

Following his passing, the Wallington Surrey Facebook page has been renamed Wallington, 'innit!' - which is thought to be one of Martin's favourite catchphrases. 

Fundraiser organiser Justyna Nowicka said: "It does not happen very often that a single person can pull the entire community of people together in the most caring, loving and genuine way. 

"It does not happen very often that a passing of a person who held no public office or a role creates waves of sorrow and mourning. 

We were privileged to witness his fight, his fears, his pain and his hopes whilst opening our eyes to the reality of this terrible illness. 

"He allowed us to be his friends, and he inspired so many friendships between absolute strangers we once were.

"We will make sure that his memory lives forever."

A fundraiser has raised £1,720 to co-fund a memorial tree planting and two benches at the time of publishing. 

The second fundraiser has raised £801 for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity at the time of publishing.  

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