A Croydon woman has spoken of the distress she says is being caused by the back-of-house activities of a supermarket adjacent to her home.

Croydon resident Lenka Hviscova said she has suffered significant mental health problems and struggles to sleep at night due to seven years of reportedly noisy and disruptive activity of her neighbours, the Morrisons store on 500 Fiveways.

Despite a number of complaints since work began on the store in 2013, Lenka said she has not seen the situation improve and instead continues to suffer:

"I have stress, my work has been affected because I cannot sleep enough, I have a high blood pressure now and can't cope with this constant noise.

"At night my flat is illuminated. So I have air, noise and light pollution," she told the Croydon Guardian.

Your Local Guardian: Image taken by Lenka Hviscova of the view from her apartment. Image taken by Lenka Hviscova of the view from her apartment.

Lenka said she had been diagnosed with misophonia, a disorder that occurs when certain sounds trigger emotional or physiological responses from the sufferer.

The Croydon woman claims the noise pollution in her flat only became an issue after the arrival of the Morrisons store in 2013.

"When i moved here in 2008 it was quiet, peaceful, there was no traffic, it was clean and tidy and there were no deliveries or anything.

"During the building in 2013 there was just noise, noise noise and that has only increased since they opened in September 2013, she said.

"They arrive outside my windows, they have large refrigerators that make a constant humming noise.

"There are lorries outside my windows in the early hours of the morning, men shouting to each other...

"The noise and air pollution is increasing. The rubbish and rotting food outside my windows that have brought flies and rats. There is a stench from rotting meat, eggs and fruit," Lenka claimed.

The Croydon Guardian contacted Morrisons about the case.

Responding to a request for comment, a spokesperson for the supermarket said they were committed to being a responsible neighbour to Lenka and were currently working on a solution that would involve more building work to better shelter their operations:

"We are aware of Ms Hviscova’s concerns and recently submitted plans to Croydon Council for an extension to cover the service yard as we believe it will buffer the noise from that area.

"We are committed to being a responsible neighbour and are working hard to find a resolution with Ms Hviscova."

Lenka for her part said she continues to suffer while the current state of affairs continues, though would seemingly be open to a cover in the service yard that backs onto her apartment.

"I can't tolerate these noises anymore, I keep having headaches and have struggled to work from what my doctor said was exhaustion," she said.

"I hope they could take all their rubbish and put it under one roof, and have a silent refrigerator."