Met Police officers in North Richmond have warned residents over a number of criminal activities in the area including bicycle thefts and reports of officer impersonation.

In a statement addressing resident concerns in the area posted earlier today (Monday, January 11), a spokesperson for the force in North Richmond described the nature of the reported crimes and detailed police actions they said were being taken.

Police Community Support Officer Luke Rolt said that bike thefts and shed burglaries had both increased in North Richmond over the past week as he urged residents to take extra precautions.

"We have had a big increase in bike thefts and shed burglaries over the past week. We would like to remind residents to be vigilant and buy extra secure locks for their bikes, sheds and garages.

"Police are patrolling at all times of the day and night and if you see a crime being committed, call 999 immediately.

"We recommend people to keep note of your frame number as this makes it easier to return your bike if we find it."

PCSO Rolt also said that the force had received reports of people impersonating police officers in the area.

Such behaviour has previously been linked by the Met Police to thefts targeting vulnerable people, and the North Richmond officer said there had been a number of impersonation incidents in the area lately.

"Recently we have had a few incidents involving men impersonating Met Police officers.

"They are wearing authentic police vests, some with shoulder numbers.

"If you are talking to somebody in a Met Police uniform, ask for a warrant card for identification purposes," he wrote.