A NEW debt centre has opened in Wallington to help residents that have been affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Holy Trinity Church in Wallington has partnered with UK debt counselling charity Christians Against Poverty ( CAP) to help people manage their debt.

The church on the corner of Manor Road and Maldon Road, in partnership with other local churches, is aiming to help around 30 people by offering appointments with those affected by personal debt.

The new branch will join the busy debt centres in Sutton and Croydon gearing up to meet the expected increase in demand due to the pandemic.

Your Local Guardian:

James Hills, Vicar of the church, said, “Debt stress can be so destructive. It affects family relationships and health and can be very isolating.

"As a compassionate community, we want to provide people with a route out of debt and CAP is distinct because it does that in partnership with the church.

“Sometimes people feel they have made mistakes but very often they have been driven into debt by suffering from job loss, relationship breakdown or coping with illness in the family or a bereavement – situations that are often difficult, emotional and have a financial impact."

CAP has over 300 church-based Debt Centres across the UK offering a free service which begins with three face-to-face visits. Last year alone 2,450 people became debt free through CAP.

For more information on their services, contact 0800 328 0006 or visit capuk.org.

Holy Trinity Wallington is hosting a virtual launch event on January 7 at 7.30pm. 

To participate visit here