More than 3,400 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in the London Borough of Croydon in the week up to December 29.

That's according to the latest data released by Public Health England (PHE).

It showed a continued surge of new coronavirus infections spreading rapidly in the South London borough, painting a similar picture to many other boroughs across London at present (Monday, January 4).

In Croydon, 348 more cases were confirmed in the week ending December 29 than in the previous week, a significant increase of 11.1 per cent.

Croydon's 'rolling rate' of infections per 100,000 people stood at 899.9 according to PHE, significantly higher than the 518.5 rate for England as a whole.

The data was published on the PHE daily dashboard of new Covid-19 cases.

It arrived as Prime Minister Boris Johnson was expected to announce sweeping new restrictions Monday evening for the UK, designed to once again suppress a rising tide of infections of coronavirus that has been attributed to the deaths of over 75,000 people in the country since the outset of the pandemic.

In London, NHS trusts reported massive pressure and strain on their services amid the surge in new Covid-19 cases being admitted to hospital in recent days as existing seasonal and personnel pressures exacerbated the situation.

In boroughs neighbouring Croydon, new infections were also surging according to the latest PHE data.

Sutton, for example, reported 1,976 new coronavirus infections in the week up to December 29, 435 (28.2 per cent) more than the previous seven days.

Its rolling rate of positive Covid cases was 957.6.

In Merton, meanwhile, there were 1,937 new coronavirus infections, up 236 (13.9 per cent) in a week, for a rolling rate of 937.8.

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