A 10-year-old has received an innovative equipment pack to help support his disabilities during the pandemic.

Riley Townsend-Smith, of Coulsdon, is among one of the first to receive a sensory kit as part of a UK-first charity campaign by Caudwell Children.

The sensory pack will provide a range of therapeutic benefits for Riley, who has autism, a severe language disorder, and a rare disease which causes rigidity of the muscles.

Caudwell Children launched its Get Sensory Packs campaign following consultation with parents to find the most appropriate and safe sensory items – selected by the charity’s Occupational Therapists.

Each pack includes a range of products such as; Scented bubbles, 4 ball massager, A fibre optic lamp, a weighted cushion, liquid cell timer, BoBo massager, sissle brush, spikey domes and a space blanket.

“The sensory pack has enabled Riley to explore items when needing to self-regulate or have alone time," said his mother Serena Smith.

"It has also been fabulous for the whole family to engage with.

Your Local Guardian: Riley pictured with fibre sensory toyRiley pictured with fibre sensory toy

"The added bonus of the activity suggestions leaflet which comes with the pack has meant that the children have been able to play and explore together in a new way, bringing the siblings together.

“We thank everyone involved with putting this pack together. Our son has had a wonderful time so far. We are very grateful.”

Caudwell Children has pledged to provide more than 1,000 families with essential sensory equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic – with each family receiving a pack of appropriate and safe toys to support children living with a wide range of disabilities.

Trudi Beswick, CEO of Caudwell Children, said: “Our Get Sensory Packs are designed to support children who are likely to benefit from sensory resources – it’s so encouraging to hear that Riley is enjoying using the equipment and her family can see the benefits already.

“We’ve committed to providing more than 1,000 families with a pack because we know it’s difficult to access resources at the moment.

“To deliver on that we’re now calling for anyone who can to make a difference to the life of a disabled child by donating to our Get Sensory Packs campaign – you can make a life-changing difference from just £5.”

Packs are available to children who have a confirmed disability or chronic illness. Families can apply directly to Caudwell Children for support, with the charity providing 80% of the cost of each pack.

For more information visit at getsensorypacks.com.