Ruth Dombey has spoken out following the Prime Ministers announcement of London moving to Tier 4 restrictions as Sutton reports an increase of Covid-19.

In a statement online, Ruth Dombey acknowledged the "bitterly disappointing" announcement and the increase of infection rate in Sutton.

The council leader says Sutton's coronavirus rate is "deadly serious" and has urged residents to "make sensible decisions". 

On Saturday, December 19, she said: "In Sutton, COVID-19 infection rates have increased to 409 per 100,000 people and continue to rise - an increase of 117% over the past seven days. 

"The situation is now critical and doctors and nurses are begging us to be extra careful, not to take any unnecessary risks, to wear masks and avoid crowded spaces."

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Speaking about the Tier 4 announcement, she added: "This is a deeply worrying situation and the Government has decided we must take action now to try and turn back the rising tide of infections and stop our NHS and our hospitals from being overwhelmed.

 "This decision will be a huge blow to everyone in Sutton - for families, friends and local businesses who, unless they are essential services, will be forced to close - after what has been an exceptionally difficult year for all of us.” 

She continued: "Like many, I will no longer be able to spend Christmas with those I have most looked forward to seeing.

"It will be painful not to see my son and his girlfriend after so many months.

"So many of us were already facing an incredibly hard winter – many have lost a loved one, or lost their job, or are living alone. 

"I know how frustrated, upset and disappointed everyone will be about these new restrictions over the holidays.

"It is hard for everyone but, in the spirit of this festive season, one of the kindest things we can do right now is protect and look out for each other. 

"The sacrifices we make now will mean we can keep our loved ones safe during this hugely challenging time and, hopefully, as the vaccine rolls out means we can face brighter and more positive times next year.

"We will need all the care, kindness and community spirit that has shone so brightly this year to get us through the coming weeks.

"We saw Sutton step up before and now we need to once again."