Firefighters are warning over the fire risks posed by incense sticks after a woman was rescued from a flat fire in Croydon thought to be caused by one.

On Wednesday afternoon (December 16) firefighters from Croydon and Norbury stations clad in breathing apparatus pulled a woman from a smoke-filled stairwell at an apartment building on Oakfield Road in Croydon.

The fire that caused the smoke had reportedly broken out in her flat, and fire investigating what happened suspected it was caused by an incense stick.

The woman was treated at the scene and taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service crews.

Yet London Fire Brigade (LFB) felt it necessary to issue a warning to Londoners over incense sticks and the potential risks they pose:

"Candles, incense and oil burners are one of the most common causes of fire within homes.

"It’s really important that you never leave incense unattended and keep it away from curtains and anything else that can easily catch fire.

"These items should always be held firmly in heat-resistant holders and placed on a stable surface where they won’t be knocked over, and make sure you put them out entirely when you leave the room and especially before bed," a spokesperson for LFB said.