A father is working with a Syrian refugee to help those who have been financially hit by Covid-19.

Vittorio Pelosi, a teacher at Wimbledon School of English, decided to help people trade something they can do for something that they want.

He teamed up with student Ali Dali to set up 'TradeaTrade', an app that helps people exchange anything from home improvements to walking the dog, teaching, cooking, IT and more.

The initiative allows people to cut out the middle man and receive help without payment, but instead a simple exchange.

Your Local Guardian: Vittorio, his wife and baby daughter Vittorio, his wife and baby daughter

Vittorio Pelosi said: "I'm lucky enough to be a teacher at a prestigious English Language School, but when the pandemic hit, we like everyone else had to work from home as students preferred to keep away from the UK.

"Thankfully, I was able to go on the furlough scheme.

"However, I knew there must be a line of work that could be covid secure and I felt I needed to know what it was for my family.

"I kept hearing of friends losing their jobs and others having money worries.

"It dawned on me that I could make an app from my home that encouraged people to get whatever they needed without the need for a job, a good credit score or exchange of money.

"The swap of two jobs are considered of similar value."

Your Local Guardian: Ali Ali

After brainstorming the app, Vittorio finally found a partner, Ali Dali, a Syrian refugee who matched the ethos of TradeaTrade.

Ali managed to make a new life for himself studying app engineering- he wanted to earn money whilst gaining experience for his studies.

Speaking about the partnership Vittorio added: "Originally from Syria, Ali endured massive hardship and danger and found his way to Canada.

"He then had the resolve to train as an app engineer as he felt that could provide a future for him.

"He was able to get what he wanted from having little money and really that is what our app is about.

"Meeting and working with Ali Dali has been one of the highlights of everything."

Your Local Guardian:

He added: "I think our app can help people both now and when we start getting our lives back together.

"But, I think those with low incomes may especially find the app useful.

"My wife and I believe we have something that is pretty much safe from the effects of a gloomy covid economic future.

"We all have something we can offer, we all have things that we need."

To find out more visit 'how to use TradeaTrade in 60 seconds' on YouTube.

TradeaTrade can be found on APP Store and Google Play.