Lockdown hasn't stopped this great-gran from busting her best moves for Alzheimer’s Society!

Jean Saunders, also known as 'crazy Jean the naughty elf', has been dancing in preparation for Elf Day 2020 ( December 4 ).

Elf Day 2020 encourages people to unleash their "inner elf" by fundraising through different activities for Alzheimer’s Society.

Jean, 77, is known to dance to anything 'at the drop of a hat’ and can often be found grooving to Latin American, Zumba and 60’s music.

Your Local Guardian:

Jean has been fundraising in conjunction with Sutton Evergreens and Sutton Sports Village for the last three years. 

"This year, because of lockdown - I decided to go it alone and I have been extremely successful," said Jean.

Jean has already raised a whopping £650 since launching her fundraiser at the end of October.

She said: "Donations have come from far and wide - even from friends of friends in Germany and Australia.

"I feel very humbled by the amount of money I have raised along with the interest smiles, laughter & joy I have had in return."

Your Local Guardian:

She added: "It is important for me to raise money for Alzheimer's - as it is something close to my heart.

"We have members at Sutton Evergreens who are living with Alzheimer's and I have personal friends who are living with this dreadful disease.

"It is even more important this year as people are being shut away during the lockdown."

Jean has kindly shared some tips on how to keep morale high during Covid-19:

"Life is difficult at the moment - try to spread a little Elf & happiness - it doesn’t cost anything to help people to smile.

Your Local Guardian:

"Smile - say hello - It does help to make even those who don’t look happy smile.

"Stop and talk (at a safe distance) and try to keep fit and well.

"Reach out and help others - a telephone call can make someone's day."

Jean is encouraging residents to join Sutton Evergreens, a free sports and social club for over 50s.

Donations have been received from Sutton Evergreens, friends and family.

For information on how to contribute, contact Jean at derekhillview@gmail.com.

To see more information on Sutton Evergreens visit here.