Sutton Fostering is celebrating one year since the launch of the latest Foster Care Recruitment campaign.

Through the campaign, Sutton Fostering have strived to continue making a difference in care across the borough.

Sutton Council is responsible for fostering around 250 children and young people who are in need of homes for whom the council acts as Corporate Parent, and recruiting new carers to help look after them is an on-going campaign.

Since the recruitment campaign launched 12 months ago the Council have engaged with a number of new foster carers.

LGBT+ carers Craig Hill and Paul Clark began fostering over the last year and shared their views of becoming foster parents.

Your Local Guardian:

Of their fostering experience, Craig and Paul said: “We looked into Fostering 18 months ago as a way of providing support to our local community.

"Initial interviews and the application process commenced just before the first lockdown and we were advised that the process would be adapted due to restrictions from Covid-19.

"The application took approximately 6-months from start to approval which included virtual training and meetings with our social worker to help us prepare for placement.

“We recently commenced our first placement and we feel very supported by our Social Worker.

"We are honoured to be Foster Carers and have found it rewarding when you can see positive changes to a young person in such a short amount of time.”

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Given the challenges in place as a result of coronavirus, Sutton is in need of foster carers now more than ever.

The council offers a weekly allowance as well as training and support to help people begin their Foster Care journey.

Councillor Marian James, Chair of the People Committee said: “Since the launch of Sutton Council’s Foster Care Recruitment campaign in October 2019, we have engaged with 10 new families across the borough who are now new to fostering, and despite current challenges, we hope to continue to build on the success of this over the next 12 months.

“Fostering is life-changing for both the child or young person being fostered and for the family that cares for them.

"Anyone can apply regardless of age, marital status, gender, sexuality, disability or employment status and in most cases the process takes six to eight months.”

For more information on how to foster visit here.