A student was allegedly assaulted whilst walking home from secondary school in Carshalton.

Students have been warned to 'stay vigilant' after it was reported that a student was followed on three separate occasions last month.

The student, from Oaks Park High School, was reportedly sexually assaulted in the Park Hill area of Carshalton.

It was confirmed in an email to parents that all three incidents are being investigated.

Your Local Guardian:

Park Hill area of Carshalton

Sutton Schools and Youth Inspector, Kathy Morteo, notified parents by email at around 6.20 pm on November 10.

She said: "On November 9, South Area police were notified of three separate incidents where a student from Oaks Park High School has been followed and sexually assaulted whilst walking home from school in the Park Hill area of Carshalton.

"These incidents occurred at the beginning of October and we have received no further reports of this nature since then.

"These incidents are being investigated and we are asking parents and guardians to remind children of the personal safety guidance they have been given.

"Stay vigilant and report any suspicious incidents to your school, parents/ guardians or in an emergency dial 999."

Police have been contacted for comment.