Firefighters from Kingston rescued an 'adventurous' Dachshund from a tree in Richmond Park recently after it had become trapped.

The sausage dog, called 'Topsy', had found her way into a rabbit hole sitting at the bottom of a tree in Richmond Park and was unable to get out.

Responding to a request for help on Sunday (November 8), London Fire Brigade firefighters from Kingston dashed to the scene and attended to the trapped Topsy just in time.

As a spokesperson for LFB described:

"Kingston firefighters rescued an adventurous sausage dog who got stuck in a hole under a tree in Richmond Park.

"Fire crews worked alongside park staff and police officers to dig the Dachshund called Topsy out of the rabbit hole.

"The 7 year old was released without injury and reunited with her owner."

Kingston Station Officer Guy Pedliham, who was at the scene, added that the mission had been particularly "personal" for him as a fellow Dachshund owner:

"The dog was in distress and certainly couldn’t get out on his own. Under the guidance of the park management we dug and got them out head first.

"I have a dachshund myself so it made it a bit more personal and I’m really pleased we were able to return Topsy uninjured," he said.