Halloween is just around the corner, but how will it look in tier 2?

London is now under tier two (high risk) restrictions meaning you can only meet with people outside your household in an outdoor setting.

Parents have been left wondering if it's safe to let their children go trick or treating this weekend.

The Government has advised against it but not issued a blanket ban.

It means that while children can still have fun, they have to stay safe by following certain guidelines.

The rules:

1) The most important rule is that groups follow the rule of six and obey social distancing.

Groups of six can meet indoors but must be from the same household or 'bubble'.

Trick or treaters should refrain from going inside other people's homes and should stand back when someone answers the door.

2) Face coverings should be worn when exchanging sweets and after touching doorbells/knocking you should use hand sanitiser.

3) If you aren't planning on trick or treating but are planning to stock up for others to enjoy you should aim for individually wrapped sweets and consider leaving them outside in a bowl, as opposed to having people knock on your door.