A Croydon woman began a protest of one on Monday (October 26) after she heard news of trees being felled near her home.

Croydon resident Grace expressed her sadness and frustration after she witnessed trees on Warrington Road in Croydon being cut back and felled.

In response, she spontaneously sat down in the middle of the road in protest at the move on Monday morning.

"When we got there we could see them cutting down several large and fairly old trees which appear to not be diseased in any way.

"We were told the trees are causing subsidence to the building. I just did not know what to do, I was standing, turning around, looking at all these people with chainsaws and I just sat down in the road," Grace told the Croydon Guardian.

Grace was later joined by other protesters on Monday afternoon who seemed to be inspired by her actions.

Your Local Guardian: Environmental activists protest tree felling in Croydon. Environmental activists protest tree felling in Croydon.

As she suggested, the trees are being cut back and felled by contractors who say they have being recruited to do so because the building impacted by their growth — The Minster School — has been impacted structurally.

Grace, who has campaigned on environmental issues and the climate crisis before, suggested that Croydon Council's declaration of a climate emergency should mandate them opposing any reductions in tree numbers in the borough in the face of the oncoming environmental breakdown.

"I'm wondering if there was another way they could have bolstered the building and supported it without actually cutting down the trees," Grace added.

Your Local Guardian: Fungi seen amid sections of cut-down trees on Warrington Road, Croydon. Fungi seen amid sections of cut-down trees on Warrington Road, Croydon.

"I'm wondering if there were other things that could have been done, particularly in light of the fact that Croydon Council have declared a climate and ecological emergency.

"Trees are vital. You cannot replace them. There aren't any jobs on a dead planet. If they keep cutting down trees there's going to be nothing for our children," she said.

Other protesters arrived Monday afternoon with signs and slogans inspired by her actions.

They held placards bearing slogans such as "Trees + children = future" and "No jobs on a dead planet".

Croydon Council were contacted for comment.