Transport for London have proposed significant changes to buses in the Sutton and the Croydon area.  

The two boroughs could see changes to 13 bus routes as well as three new buses, as TfL try to make the bus network "more efficient." 

The transport network has proposed changes to existing routes S1, S3, S4, 80, 164, 166, 312, 405, 407, 413, 434, 455 and 470. 

Proposals could see new routes S2, 439 and 443 come into effect.

Residents are urged to sign the consultation which details the below proposals: 

-Re-route the S1 between Wrythe Lane and Middleton Road via Bishopsford Road and Green Wrythe Lane. In Belmont, it would be re-routed via Cotswold Road rather than Belmont Station.

-Introduce a new route S2 which would run between Belmont, High Down and Downview, St Helier Station via Belmont Station and the western part of the S4. The S2 and S4 would operate every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes. And every 30 minutes in the evenings and on Sundays.

-Withdraw route S3 between Sutton Station and Belmont Station, and swap its routeing with the 470 between Sutton High Street and Sutton Common Station to provide a more direct routeing.

-Re-structure route S4 which would now run between Waddon Marsh and Belmont Station via route 455 to Mollison Drive and then via current route S4.

- Withdraw route 80 between Belmont, High Down and Downview, and Sutton Hospital. It would be converted to double decker buses to provide sufficient capacity for growing demand, particularly at its southern end. The S2 would serve High Down and Downview.

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-Extend route 164 from Sutton Station to Sutton Hospital when development in that area requires additional bus capacity.

-Re-number the 405 to 645 on school-day only journeys running from Waddon Road, Purley Way to Purley in the morning and in the opposite direction in the afternoon. Between Waddon and mid-Croydon, it would run via route 407 and between mid-Croydon and Purley via route 405.

-Re-structure route 407 so that it terminates at Sutton and Croydon town centres. It would continue to operate at the same frequency. 

-Withdraw route 413 between Sutton Garage and Sutton town centre and extend it from there via Bunhill Avenue and route S3 to Belmont Station  

-Re-structure route 434 so that it is extended to Caterham and diverted away from Northwood Avenue to serve new developments on Higher Drive in Kenley. Its frequency would remain unchanged.

-Introduce a new route 439 which would operate between Whyteleafe and Waddon Marsh at a frequency of every 30 minutes Monday to Sunday daytimes. It would serve Kenley, Northwood Avenue as the 434 does now. The route would use single decker buses. 

-Introduce new double decker route 443 from Caterham to West Croydon Bus Station replacing existing 407 route between Caterham and South Croydon. It would operate every 15 minutes Monday-Saturday and every 20 minutes evenings and Sundays.

-Withdraw route 455. The southern section of the route would be replaced by changes to routes 166 and 312.

- Route 312 would be extended from South Croydon to Purley Old Lodge Lane via Brighton Road. Route 166 would be re-routed between Purley and Croydon town centre via route 455. The western section would be partially replaced by changes to routes S4 and the school day only journeys on route 405.

- Re-route the 470 to run two-way via Stayton Road and Oldfields Road, which are judged more suitable for bus operation than Dibden and Marlborough Roads. This would require changes to the junction of Oldfields Road and Stayton Road. 

Due to local development plans and demand for additional services, TfL reviewed the number of passengers using each bus route, journey times, and where people are travelling to and from.

Proposals for Sutton are based on the anticipated increase in demand with the development of the London Cancer Hub in Belmont and a recently opened school. 

Following its opening in 2019, Harris Academy Sutton expects to have a total of 1300 students in the next five years. 

Changes to Croydon routes have been based on the boroughs growth in population due to a range of new developments. 

To have your say, visit the consultation page before November 29. It can be found here.