A DANCER from Croydon is helping to bring smiles to the nation as part of a new integrated campaign by Specsavers.

Having recently faced his own hardships, Andrew Dillon was delighted to be involved with the new multi-channel campaign, Something To Smile About.

"One person’s smile can honestly change your whole mood and entire day," says Andrew.

Specsavers new campaign aims to celebrate positivity and the joy that a smile can bring, even in challenging times.

Since theatres throughout the UK were forced to close due to the pandemic, Andrew’s passion for performing was put to a halt.

But determined to remain positive, Andrew took on a supermarket delivery job and made sure he checked in on all of his customers.

Andrew said: "It is so lovely to have a five-minute chat, particularly when some people have so little interaction with others because of lockdown.

"You can tell that some customers just need a bit of time to help keep them positive.

"I find that being content with what I have helps to keep a smile on my face."

He added: "I am also really grateful for my friends, you don’t need to go out and do crazy things, just enjoy being with them."

"The main thing that keeps me going is helping to bring others joy.

"When I can put a smile on someone’s face, I know I can stay positive and that is why I always have so much fun on stage."

Andrew has now returned to work at the theatre.

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