A video has emerged showing worried residents confronting councillors over recently introduced low traffic neighbourhoods in the Worcester Park area.

Whilst visiting the LTN schemes in Worcester Park on Tuesday, Sutton councillors were soon noticed by frustrated residents.

Councillors Manuel Abellan, Jenny Batt and Drew Heffernan were approached at the corner of Ruskin and Cheam Common road at 8 am on September 29.

In the confrontation captured on video, resident Sebastian Fisher-Greene begged Councillor Abellan to listen to residents.

In the video, he said: "Stop wasting money and do what the local community wants.

"We are asking you to make the right decision and stop this scheme.

"Stop please, pretty please, with a cherry on top, just stop it."

Your Local Guardian:

Sebastian went on to ask Abellan why he has ignored hundreds of residents emails and thousands who have signed petitions.

He asked Abellan to stop providing generalised responses and to understand concerns surrounding the schemes.

Speaking about the confrontation, Sebastian said:

"When the Councillors turned up unannounced, they were clearly not expecting to be caught out by their residents who are opposed to the scheme.

"They simply couldn’t hide behind their email walls as they’ve done to date.

"Looking at the feedback on the videos on social media, there is not one comment in support of either the scheme or the way they handled themselves."

Your Local Guardian:

Following the video, Your Local Guardian contacted Manuel Abellan for comment.

He said: "Cllr Batt, Cllr Heffernan and I stayed in Worcester Park for four hours listening to residents, answering questions and explaining what we are trying to achieve with the scheme.

"Some residents were able to get their frustrations off their chest which is absolutely fine and we took their comments on board."

More than 1000 residents have signed a petition of no confidence in Councillor Abellan, which was launched by Sebastian.

Speaking about the petition, he said: "Cllr Abellan is not representative of the Nolan Principles of local Government.

Your Local Guardian:

"He has not shown a sense of selflessness by his actions and is pushing ahead with a scheme that is deeply unpopular with those it will affect.

"His integrity is called into question as he is in constant dialogue with Get Sutton Cycling - yet not his residents/constituents, which in turn calls into question his objectivity on the matter as well.

"Plus, the methods by which he is trying to force this through, by using Covid-19 as an 'opportunity' is also questionable in terms of objectivity."

In response to the petition, Manuel added: "If we don't take action the problem will only get worse.

"The schemes are an opportunity to improve the quality of life in our residential areas by minimising rat-running and start to address long-standing problems of excessive traffic, dangerous driving and noise pollution.

"We will continue to work with residents to improve the schemes and make changes where necessary.

"Ultimately if a scheme doesn't work as intended it will be removed."

To view the petition visit here.