A spate of graffiti has emerged in Earlsfield this week, prompting an online search to catch the vandals.

Pictures of heavily graffitied vehicles in SW18 have spread on social media, which appear to bear the same ‘tag’.  

A tag is a symbol or phrase which identifies a graffitist, and this week reports flooded the internet of vans, parking signs and houses spray-painted with the same markings. 

Lewis Jackson initially posted an image of his wrecked van to Facebook yesterday (29 Sept), with the word ‘TwoZ’ emblazoned on the front. The Earlsfield resident said:

“After coming home from work I’ve noticed my Van has been vandalised on Fieldview. This is the third time my van has been targeted now and even though it says, ‘stop parking here’ I actually live here, and I’m parked opposite my flat.”

Your Local Guardian: Front of the vandalised vehicle in SW18Front of the vandalised vehicle in SW18

“If anyone has any information or noticed anything suspicious could you please let me know, also there was a tag left on it saying ‘Two2’ so if anyone knows anything about this again could you please let me know.”

Your Local Guardian: Back of the vandalised vehicle with 'TwoZ' tagBack of the vandalised vehicle with 'TwoZ' tag
Following his appeal, several other residents came forward with similar stories of vandalism.

A neighbour shared a picture of her white van with the word “TwoZ” written on it. She commented:

“Happened to our camper today too. We live on Fieldview and the van is outside our house. Gutted,” they said.

While another resident added:

“Same signature in here, happened Sunday night, Godley Road. It's just so upsetting, as we live in here, we need to work and park the van in here. In such difficult times do we really need to waste hundreds to get it cleaned.”

Other users said a playground on Garratt Green and road signs on Openview Rd had been targeted.

“Our house wall and gate was sprayed too. Our dog went mad at around 2 in the morning, so we think that that is when it happened. The perpetrator had a ball all over Earlsfield by the sounds of it!” said another.

Earlsfield police say they are looking into the issue. In the meantime, you can report a graffiti crime here.