A MAN has allegedly left disabled residents 'stranded' after destroying a road in Sutton.

Residents of Albert Road say they have been unable to leave their properties after the landowner recently dug up their road.

The road which is also home to elderly residents saw a bulldozer take the soil surface off the road - leaving just chalk and stones.

Neighbours claim that the landowner also placed tree trunks along both sides of the road as a way to "control parking".

It was also reported that he placed 'dangerous' concrete blocks to further restrict them from parking their cars.

Your Local Guardian:

One resident, who has not been named said: "The landowner has reappeared to harass, disturb and inconvenience the residents of Albert Road, Alfred Road and Victoria Road, because in his words 'the parking is out of control'.

"He is the one out of control.

"He has left elderly and disabled residents stranded as the pavements alongside Carshalton Road are too narrow for wheelchairs. Despite clear evidence of the road being a prescription right of way to vehicular traffic, and often used as a safe play space for children.

This man must not be allowed to run roughshod over law-abiding citizens for no reason other than feeding his inflated ego."

Sutton Council has been forced to step in.

A Sutton Council spokesperson said: “Council officers have visited the site and spoken with the landowner, after being made aware of the situation.

"All work has now stopped and the heavy machinery has been removed.

Your Local Guardian:

"The landowner confirmed to the Council that his intention was to tidy up the land.

"He has been advised regarding the relevant permissions he would need to seek if he were planning any significant work.

"The road is unadopted private land, and that imposes some limits on the action that the Council can take directly.

"We will continue to liaise with the landowner to ensure that access to property, as well as safe pedestrian and vehicular access, can be guaranteed.

"We have been in contact with residents throughout the last week and would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience during this time and to those who provided information to assist the investigation.

"A letter has been issued to residents living close to the site to update them on the current situation”.