The family friends of a six-year-old boy from Croydon are appealing to the public for help after he was diagnosed with bone cancer recently.

Earlier this month, Jesse's mum Isabel took him to hospital after he began getting severe pains in his legs.

Jessica, a family friend who launched the fundraiser for Jesse, described what happened next on the donations page:

"Initially Isabel thought that perhaps Jesse was experiencing ‘growing pains’ or maybe a sprain from playing with his two siblings (Jayden 9, Laura 2).

"The team at Croydon University Hospital decided to do an MRI on Jesse’s leg and unfortunately the scan results were devastating," she wrote.

Jesse was later diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his knee, meaning he now needs to undergo chemotherapy — prompting this particular appeal.

"Jesse has been so unbelievably brave throughout this whole ordeal. He has kept that bright, contagious little smile on his face despite his pain. Jesse is a soft, quiet little boy with a heart of gold," Jessica added.

"He adores his baby sister and looks up to his older brother. He’s faced challenges in the past with his asthma, but has always fought through it like a champ and we have faith that once again, Jesse will fight this too.

"I am appealing, please, to anyone who can help Isabel with the costs involved at this stage and the costs that are yet to come.

"Currently, Jesse is unable to walk which means trying to fund transport to and from the hospital plus the costs involved in keeping her afloat as she is now unable to work."

Click here to help Jesse, Isabel and the family and find out more about their story and osteosarcoma.