Plans for the demolition of an eyesore building are underway following years of pressure from residents.

Victoria House in North Cheam has sparked ongoing frustration with residents branding the build as 'depressing'. 

Owned by Home Group, the build has remained empty since 2006 and been subjected to acts of vandalism and break-ins over recent years.

Thousands of campaigners have fought for the demolition of "the worst eyesore in London" with petitions, committee meetings and Action groups.

Your Local Guardian:

Now, Home Group has confirmed they have worked up a proposal for the "vast majority" of the building to be demolished this October.

They say that the pandemic put their previous plans to a halt.

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Joe Cook, Executive Director of Development at Home Group, said: "I appreciate that residents living close to Victoria House want to know what is happening at the site.

“The onset of the pandemic put a halt to all of the statutory processes that we require in order to demolish the building fully due to the location of an electrical sub-station, which serves several properties outside of Victoria House.

Your Local Guardian:

“I am pleased to say that we have worked up a proposal to demolish the vast majority of the building this October and leave the sub-station in place pending agreement with the council on the location of its replacement.

“Once we resolve this issue we will complete full demolition.

"We have proposed a location to council planners and once we have agreement on that we will progress with legal agreements required and demolish the small part of the building which will be left.

“We will, of course, keep the community informed of developments regarding Victoria House as we go forward.”

The proposal plans to demolish the current build and make way for new residential development.

A spokesperson for Sutton Council said: "The Council is working with the owners, Home Group, to agree an acceptable scheme for the redevelopment of this site.

"If planning permission is granted, demolition should proceed without undue delay as measures are already in place to take that part of the works forward."