The council has responded to concerns after Ruskin Drive and Browning Avenue saw its low traffic scheme introduced yesterday.

On Monday, Browning Avenue Bus Gate closure went live between Lindsay and Dorchester Road.

The 'much opposed' scheme closed to all traffic except buses, emergency and local authority vehicles and cyclists.

It saw an Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera installed, but failed to show signage.

Residents of Ruskin Drive and Browning Avenue were left outraged over the 'misinformation'.

With many accusing the council of attempting to scam them by issuing fines.

Your Local Guardian:

After contacting the council, it has been confirmed that fines will not be issued for the first two weeks.

This is to "allow residents to get used to the new scheme."

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The scheme which was highly opposed by residents, sparked a petition which collected over 2000 signatures from residents and local businesses.

Petition organiser, Vicki Stewart-Francis said: "Since the implementation of the scheme, residents have taken it in turns to direct the constant flow of traffic to stop any potential accidents.

"People are reversing and turning everywhere, in such a tight space it’s causing real problems.

Your Local Guardian:

"Drivers are so confused, due to the lack of clear signage or bollards.

"And although the camera is live, the bus gate bollards won’t arrive until next week.

"This means that cars don’t understand that they can’t pass through."

She added: "It’s disappointing that the council wouldn’t discuss the petition with well over 2000 signatures at the time of submission on August 20.

Your Local Guardian:

"As it stands there are now over 2800 signatures and the petition has been referred to the next Environment and Neighbourhood committee meeting, in which I will have 5 minutes to address the committee."

A spokesperson for Sutton Council said:

“The signage in Browning Avenue will be uncovered and in force from September 22.

"No fines will be issued for the first two weeks to allow residents to get used to the new scheme."

For more information on the LTN scheme at Ruskin Drive visit here