Carshalton Netball Club has launched a fundraiser to help raise money to repurpose two out of five of the tennis courts in Carshalton.

Following a successful petition to Sutton Council, the club has been given the go-ahead to transform one court into a multipurpose sports facility and the other into a netball court.

Sutton resident Mairéad Agnew, formed the sports club back in 2018 when she asked if anyone wanted to join her to play Netball.

Mairéad says the response was "overwhelming" and highlighted an interest in casual, non-committal Netball.

Your Local Guardian:

And whilst there are a great number of free to use Tennis, Basketball, Football and other sports courts across the borough.

The provision of free to use Netball courts does not match the growing desire to play the sport, says Mairéad.

Last year, a petition gathered the support of over 800 people, which confirmed that there was a demand for two repurposed courts.

Speaking to Sutton Guardian, Mairéad Agnew said: "As we find ourselves in a time where we must make constant considerations around physical distancing. The installation of these new facilities is more important than ever.

Your Local Guardian:

"It’s apparent that people aren’t comfortable sharing indoor sports facilities.

"We need to ensure we have the right infrastructures in place to give the community options to keep active outdoors now and for the future.

"These open spaces will offer the community a safe space to stay active with friends, family and neighbours.

"Whilst these facilities will offer opportunities for many sports, the important focus should remain free to use Netball facilities are extremely limited.

Your Local Guardian:

"This has proved a barrier for those of us who wish to enjoy and practice the sport we love.

"Having provisions for girls and women to practice and enjoy Netball is key for both the development of the sport.

"As well as the mental health and well-being of those who play."

An application has been submitted to Sport England, who, if successful will be able to part fund this project.

Donations reached £734 out of the targeted £15,000 at the time of publishing.

The facilities will be free to use and on a turn up and play basis.

To donate visit Carshalton Netball Club