The last thing this woman thought she would find on her stroll is a historic gem...

Whilst walking past the old dovecote in Beddington Park, Elisabete Nascimento, noticed a diamond-shaped structure on the ground in August.

Upon closer inspection, the 41-year-old realised the structure dates back to over two decades, and was, in fact, an "astonishing allegory to nature in the form of a mosaic."

Determined to reinstate the mosaic, Elisabete called on members of the Facebook community to help her form a task force.

It was then that she had come into contact with one of the artists who created the mosaic, Mia Andrews.

Your Local Guardian:

Mia explained that the 'animal mosaic' was the result of a Sutton borough 'Art in the Park' competition in 1999 and that a class in Carew Manor was one of the winners.

She said: "Myself and Janie Andrews (my sister) were commissioned to translate their drawings into a mosaic.

"The site was selected by the then Parks Manager and used stoneware and marble tiles."

Joining Elisabete on her restoration journey was pottery artist, Barbara Andrews, and her friends Samantha Bull and Agnieszka Raj.

Your Local Guardian:

The three soon gained an audience of curious onlookers and neighbours who lived along Carew Road.

During their mission, the group were offered support from passers-by and offered snacks and drinks to keep them going.

Elisabete said: "I thought, what a shame, so much effort was put into it yet it lies covered in dirt.

"Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was created in 1999.

Your Local Guardian:

"21 years later, the uncovering of the Wallington Diamond brought many people together.

She added: "Quite a few people stopped by, many did not even know that the precious diamond was there.

"It was nice to observe the colours and creatures emerge from under the dirt.

"The highlight was watching a child of about 5 climbing over the diamond with her bright yellow boots to play at her heart's content.

"Hopefully to be followed by many more."

The mission was completed on Elisabete's 41st birthday on September 2.