A man and woman have been convicted for firearms offences following a nine-day trial in Croydon Crown Court.

Bekki Dean, 26, Woburn Road, Carshalton, and Bradley Clancy, 39, of no fixed address, were found guilty after police stopped a car in Carshalton.

Specialist officers stopped a black Volkswagen Polo on Peterborough Road on August 14, 2019.

The vehicle was being driven by Dean, who was removed from the car in order for the officers to search the vehicle, shortly after 9.00 pm.

At the time that she was stopped, Dean was on the phone to someone listed in her contacts as Bradley.

During the search, officers found a Louis Vuitton bag on the front passenger seat, with a small black bag inside, which held a pistol and a magazine containing multiple rounds of ammunition.

The firearm and ammunition were later subjected to forensic analysis by a firearms expert.

It was found to be a Glock model 19 9mm Parabellum calibre self-loading pistol with a cartridge magazine, loaded with several cartridges.

Your Local Guardian:

Dean was arrested and later charged for possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

She made no comment when she was cautioned and was taken to a south London police station.

During the interview, she gave a prepared statement claiming that she was under duress to transport the gun by a man whom she was completely intimidated by and truly in fear of.

She made no reply to all other questions and failed to provide any details when asked who Bradley was.

Once Dean was charged and remanded, Specialist Crime officers sent the firearm off for forensic testing.

Her phone was subject of interrogation which led officers to find saved images of a driving licence attributed to Bradley Clancy.

Enquiries showed that Clancy was in contact with Dean on this the night of her arrest on August 14.

Further analysis revealed that Dean and Clancy had texted or called each other five times between 5.15 pm and 8.49 pm; including when she was on the phone to him at the time of her arrest.

It also revealed that Clancy’s phone was located a short distance from where officers arrested Dean, potentially within viewing distance of the stop.

Officers located and arrested Clancy on October 17, 2019, in connection with their investigation.

They took a swab of DNA from him before he was released under investigation.

The swab matched DNA which was found on the muzzle of the Glock gun, proving Clancy had been in previous contact with the gun that Dean was transporting.

Your Local Guardian:

Clancy was again arrested and charged with conspiring to possess a firearm with intent to endanger life / enable another to do so.

They were both found guilty of conspiracy to transfer a firearm, and possession of a firearm and ammunition with intent to endanger life.

Both defendants will be sentenced at Croydon Crown Court on October 29.

Detective Constable Andy Snazell, from the Met’s Specialist Crime South team, said:

“The stop on this vehicle led to the safe removal of a dangerous firearm from the streets of London and the subsequent investigation has resulted in these convictions.

“The expert forensic work from Met colleagues was the final piece of evidence we needed to link Clancy to this crime and help secure the conviction for him and Bekki Dean.

"Our forensics officers often work quietly behind the scenes, helping officers link criminals to their actions and providing the evidence we need to imprison them.

"Without their help, in this case, Clancy may well have never even been arrested.

“No one in London needs to have such a gun in their car or possession.

"We are committed to arresting anyone in possession of one and making sure they are jailed for their selfish crimes.”