A day centre in Carshalton has transformed into a seaside from home with the help of a local artist.

With more than 50 years of supporting the elderly, management at Oaks Way Centre decided to add a splash of colour to help brighten the 'dark times'.

After the centre was forced to close its doors due to the pandemic, manager Sally Martin decided to join forces with local artist Fran Cambettie-Davies.

Artist Fran explained: “Sally wanted colourful landscapes and calming water scenes for the returning clients.

Your Local Guardian: Sally (left) Fran (right)Sally (left) Fran (right)

“As they couldn’t take their vulnerable clients out to the park or the seaside, she wanted to bring the park and seaside to them – I think we’ve achieved this.”

Fran was inspired by; beaches at Newquay, beach huts at The Witterings in Sussex and waterfalls from Wales.

She was assisted by art student Charlotte Emerson-Rolfe whose graphic style added another dimension to the murals.

Fran started her mammoth art installation back in April and has clocked up an average of three hours each day to complete her unique creations.

Your Local Guardian:

Sally Martin said: "My mother who has now passed away said she would never go to a day centre so I came to realise that day centres had a stigma attached.

"I wanted the centre to look nothing like what a day centre would be expected to look like.

Speaking about the design, Sally added: "As my clients have little mobility I would like them to feel that they have been out for the day and not just at the day centre for lunch.

"We will play sounds of the seaside and host a Punch and Judy show.

Your Local Guardian:

"This will be especially important for clients who have more advanced dementia and can not verbally express themselves.

"Thanks to meeting Fran, I have been able to have the day centre that I have dreamed about.

"This has only been able to happen with the hard work and support of the staff and volunteers during lockdown."