A 29-year-old is set to take on a challenge to eat the same rations as a Syrian refugee in aid of charity. 

Richard Mead will eat the same rations as refugees living in a camp in Jordan as part of a fundraising challenge with Concern Worldwide.

The 29-year-old will have to spread the same amount of food that he would usually eat within two days, over one week, to help raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis.

Statistics from Concern Worldwide show 5.5 million people have fled Syria as refugees.

There are over 13 million people who are in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria.

The challenge aims to reflect as closely as possible what it’s like to rely on food rations and help deepen people's understanding of extreme poverty.

Your Local Guardian:

Those who take part in the challenge will receive a ration box which contains; lentils, rice, chickpeas, one can of sardines, kidney beans, flour and oil.

Participants can earn tokens for additional items such as vegetables, salt or tea bags, by fundraising.

Money raised will provide emergency food, hygiene kits and essential support to Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Richard has already exceeded his £250 target, which can roughly provide around four medical visits for refugees and food rations for around one year and three months for nearly two refugees.

Richard Mead said: "Running my own photography business, part of my job is keeping up to date with the latest news across the world.

"I’ve been aware of the humanitarian crisis facing people fleeing from countries over the past few years and have donated money where I can to help – and sponsor a conservation project providing work to people in third world countries.

Your Local Guardian:

"When I opened the box, I was shocked at how little food people have to live on in a week.

"I normally eat this amount over the space of a day or two and have really taken for granted how readily available food is in the UK.

"The reason I’m doing the challenge is not only to see how little food the refugees live off, but also to raise awareness in the local community about the struggles people around the world are currently facing.

"People were quick to donate money to save the Notre Dame, but we’ve become so desensitised to the suffering of others, that starving refugees barely makes the news anymore."

Richard will start his challenge from September 13.

Fundraising reached £279.84 at the time of publishing.

To donate visit Richard Mead with Concern Worldwide