B&Q has denied claims of abusive staff after being accused of mistreatment towards a husband and wife this week.

Ian Cooper raised complaints to Sutton Guardian after his deaf wife was accused of stealing at Sutton Ct Rd, on August 31.

Mr and Mrs Cooper say they had left the store after purchasing items including a tv aerial when they were confronted by staff.

The couple, in their 50s, say they thought they were going to be attacked after being "surrounded by six members of staff" in the car park.

Mr Cooper said the staff were "aggressive" and claims one member of staff "got up close" to his face. 

It was confirmed that B&Q asked for proof of receipt at around 1.55 pm.

B&Q has since hit back at claims and said the complaints are not an "accurate reflection" of what had happened.

Your Local Guardian:

A spokesperson for B&Q said: "We pride ourselves on customer service and current investigation of this matter suggests that these accusations are not an accurate reflection of the events that occurred."

In response, Mr Cooper said: "This is defamation of our characters accusing us of theft, abusing and verbally threatening us. They told us they would call the police.

"No apologies were given after they saw the receipt and blocked our car to stop us from leaving.

"We have done nothing wrong. All my wife did was go into B&Q to purchase items.

"We wish we could've filmed the staff but we never got the chance as it happened very quickly.

"It escalated to abusive threats and holding us against our will to leave.

"We felt humiliated."