Doctors of Extinction Rebellion targeted petrol stations across Sutton as part of a national 'mass fly-posting' campaign.

Warning posters were plastered across Wallington and Worcester park to alert residents about the damage to health caused by fossil fuels.

Around 13 petrol stations were targeted including, Shell petrol station on Manor Road just south of Wallington high street.

Extinction Rebellion says the purpose of the petrol pump sticker action was to "convey a clear and overdue" health warning without confrontation.

Graphic images on the labels imitate; existing cigarette packet health warnings, the government’s stay alert coronavirus banners and the wartime “your country needs you” posters, with a replacement of David Attenborough’s face.

Your Local Guardian:

This builds on growing calls for health warning labels on petrol pumps from public health academics, such as Professor Sir Andy Haines, Professor Kristie Ebi and Mike Gill.

Extinction Rebellion Sutton says, many of the most concerned health professionals are those who have dedicated their lives to improving children’s health.

Consultant Paediatrician Helena Clements said: "As a paediatrician it upsets me immensely that not only is child lung growth stunted through air pollution but our children’s future home is being ruined by fossil fuel driven climate change.

"I would call on all health professionals, parents and young people to ensure this message gets out. Fossil Fuels are dangerous."

Your Local Guardian:

Health professional, Dr David McKelvey said: "By strengthening cycle networks, increasing public transport, building on the growth in teleworking, and encouraging localism we can make the air cleaner, our climate safer and our neighbourhoods better places to live.

"This drive to get off fossil fuels and move rapidly away from the internal combustion engine will clearly improve our patients’ health."

Co-Founder of the Doctors for Extinction Rebellion group Dr Chris Newman said:

"It is our duty as health professionals to warn the public that continued fossil fuel use is wrecking our life support systems.

"We no longer have time to ask for permission. As a group we will continue to do what the science and our duty of care asks of us, and we urge our government to do the same.

"And if they won’t, you can be sure the people will."