A number of criminals ranging from the horrific to the petty have been jailed this month.

As lockdown has eased and normal life returned, courts have been busy putting a variety of offenders behind bars.

This month saw a horrifying case of paedophilia, murder, a man jailed for stealing thousands of pounds worth of cigarettes and much more...

Below is a list of the most noteworthy cases that saw people jailed during August 2020.

Jody Hall and El Araby

Your Local Guardian:

The pair have been jailed after a police raid in Mottingham uncovered three guns, £14,000 in cash and a large quantity of cocaine.

Jody Hall, 46, of Carters Hill Close, Bromley, and Harry El Araby, 33, of Palmers Road, Bethnal Green, were sentenced following an intelligence led investigation.

In May, Armed officers followed Hall and El Araby.

El Araby was searched and officers found a Glock handgun with a silencer and 50 rounds of ammunition. Officers also found £10,000 in cash and an encrypted Encrochat phone.

Armed officers also intercepted Hall, who was also found in possession of an encrypted Encrochat phone.

Officers searched his home address and recovered approximately £4,000 in cash along with 11kgs of cocaine.

Hall was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment.

El Araby was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment.

Nicolae Rostas

Your Local Guardian:

Rostas, of Ingram Road, travelled from Croydon to Wales to steal nearly £5,000 worth of cigarettes “because he was short of money."

Nicolae Rostas made the 300-mile round trip to target Cwmbran’s Booker Wholesale, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

William Bebb, prosecuting, said the 32-year-old and two women with him were spotted acting suspiciously at the cash and carry at 4.15pm on January 9.

Rostas, of Ingram Road, then walked out without paying for cigarettes and tobacco worth £4,598.60.

He was arrested six months later in a BMW at the Channel Tunnel, Judge Jeremy Jenkins was told.

The defendant was jailed for 27 months.

Registered terrorist Jade Campbell

Your Local Guardian:

Jade Campbell, 29, has been jailed again, following a Met Police Counter Terrorism Command investigation.

Campbell from Tooting, was jailed for a year for four counts of breach of Part 4 Counter Terrorism Act 2008 notification order.

She was recalled to prison less than two months after her release, after Met Police counter terrorism detectives identified she had broken her probation licence by possessing a smart phone.

Campbell was originally jailed for 18 months in April 2017, after she admitted to downloading Isis-produced articles, including instructions on how to make bombs.

Under the order, Campbell was required to register any new phone numbers and email addresses with police for a period of 10 years.

"Dangerous" James Jewell jailed for life for sex crimes

Your Local Guardian:

Jewell was found guilty of a plethora of heinous sex crimes including six counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, aiding and abetting the sexual assault of a child and aiding and abetting an offender to engage in sexual activity with a child.

He was also convicted for three counts of making indecent images of a child and two counts of distributing indecent images of a child.

Jewell was jailed for life on August 13.

The charges related to offences which occurred in Greenhithe and Tunbridge Wells between November 2017 and July 2018, where Jewell encouraged two women he met online to carry out sexual abuse of children.

Jason Gritton assault on emergency workers

Your Local Guardian:

Gritton, 45, of Central Hill, SE19, has been jailed for 12 months for assaulting an emergency workers and affray on August 4 following a trial at Croydon Crown Court.

Police carrying out enquires to locate Gritton for driving offences attended his home address on Thursday, 30 April.

The 45-year-old tried to hide from officers and began waving a large knife while making threats to kill.

He also threw a number of objects, including a storage box, at the officers and threatened to spit at them after claiming he had coronavirus.

Yasin Omar Amare jailed for murder

Your Local Guardian:

Amare, 29, of Pawleyne Close, Penge, has been jailed for 22-years following the murder of Gleb Stanislavovitch Zhebrovsky (known as Gleb Stalnoy) following a re-trial at the Old Bailey on August 10.

The jury had failed to reach a verdict following the initial trial at the Old Bailey which concluded on December 23, 2019. He was sentenced at the same court on August 28.

The court heard how Amare and Gleb were known to each other through an acquaintance but relations between the pair had seemingly become fraught in the days leading up to the murder.

On June 15, 2019, It was reported that the pair had arranged to meet at a park in East London to 'resolve their issues'. Police confirmed that Gleb was relaxing in the park with a friend before being approached by Amare and another man. 

Without warning, Amare brutally attacked Gleb with a knife, stabbing him three times in a matter of seconds. Gleb was pronounced dead at the scene.