Triathlon coach and mum of two, Sara Kavanagh has launched a coaching and training community, Sol Movement, to support women’s fitness and wellbeing.

Centred around community strength over competition, the courses bring women of all abilities together, from beginners to busy professionals and mums.

Based in Teddington, 39-year-old Sara is passionate about helping women achieve their fitness ambitions. She said:

“Women are constantly multitasking and juggling, but sadly struggle to find time for themselves. Starting a fitness programme or trying to achieve an exercise challenge alone can be overwhelming and often we fall at the first hurdle.

“Sol Movement is all about women supporting and motivating one another, empowering rather than competing and sharing each other’s successes. Our workouts can be done in as little as five minutes per day, making them achievable and fun”

Your Local Guardian:

As well as two Ironman finishes and nine marathons under her belt, Sara has coached women in running, triathlon and cycling in New York.

Her virtual programmes range in difficulty -- from ‘Find Your Fit’ to ‘Half Marathon’ training.

There are inspirational talks on nutrition and wellbeing, to help boost confidence and appreciation of the female body, especially postpartum.

“Following lockdown, it’s more important than ever for women to come together to inspire and motivate one another – for our mental as well as physical health,” she said.

Sol Movement is launching a new running course for the autumn, starting on 5th October 2020 as well as a ‘Fit For Christmas’ class in the lead up to New Year’s Eve,

Anyone looking to take part can register their interest in Sol Movement here,