A petition for Ruskin Drive & Browning Avenue has been submitted to Sutton Council after gathering 2180 signatures.

Signatures were collected between an online, paper and local business petition which gained momentum after the Council announced its Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes.

Thousands of residents have disputed the idea that the scheme will 'create a more pleasant environment' - stating that the proposal will instead add to journey times, congestion and pollution.

Residents in Worcester Park first raised concerns when they were informed about the measures being introduced without a consultation period.

Sutton Council recently explained this was because they were instructed by TfL to draw up and implement the schemes "as quickly as possible."

Your Local Guardian:

Last week, residents received a letter from Kingston and Sutton Shared Environment Service addressing the petition a day before it was submitted.

On August 20, the letter said: "We acknowledge that some residents have signed a petition in the change.org site against the bus gate/ road closure in Browning Avenue but, for reasons explained in this letter, we will be implementing the measures in September on a trial basis.

“You will receive a further letter a few weeks before the measures are to be implemented to explain in more detail what the experimental measures involve when they will come into effect, how they will be monitored and how you can share your comments and views.

“We will then be in touch with you again to give you an update on all the feedback received during the six months trial period and the next steps.”

A Sutton and Cheam Labour campaigner has since hit out at Sutton Council.

In a letter, Labour campaigner Liz Martin said: "The Council should conduct full and proper pre-consultation for any new ideas.

"The experiment comes under the Safer, Active, Greener Streets section of Sutton Council. If that really is the aim, then how can it possibly justify creating more traffic build-up and added chaos that will develop on Central Road and Worcester Park?

Sutton Council must remember that they are there to serve the best interests of the residents and not their own agenda."

Your Local Guardian:

On Saturday, Worcester Park ward Councillor, Tom Drummond, spoke to residents on the weekend to discuss their concerns over the road closures.

Petition organiser, Vicki Stewart-Francis said: "It was great to see that one of our ward councillors cares about constituents feelings.

"I am currently waiting for an official response.

"It’s disheartening and extremely frustrating that a letter circulating, which many roads didn’t receive, dated the day before.

"It implies that despite residents strong views we are still not being listened to."

A feedback form has since been launched which can be found here