A selection of medical students studying in London have been given the opportunity to live rent-free for the next academic year.

Two companies - Student.com and The Student Housing Company - have teamed up to support local medical students as a thank you for the students’ phenomenal work on the COVID-19 frontline.

Medical students contributed an additional 99,225 hours per week to help fight the pandemic as they were assigned to the NHS frontline to support the nations’ health service.

This included supporting local hospitals Guys, St Thomas’, Kings College, St Mary’s and St George’s.

Talking about her experience, Sara Sekhon, a student nurse, said:

“I’m really proud of my cohort. We were the cohort that got asked, six months before graduating, to put our “big boy boots on” and deal with extraordinary challenges.”

Sharing her worries about student finance, Kirsten Panganiban, another student nurse, added:

“To be given free accommodation would really really help. On top of working for the NHS I also had to have a part time job to cover my bills.”

Five local medical students studying in London will live rent free in a student accommodation building, thanks to this offer.

To apply, students need to head to www.student.com/heroes and complete the short entry form before midnight on 31st August 2020.