A much-anticipated flypast by the RAF's Red Arrows display team was cancelled yesterday due to bad weather.

As the RTT reported previously, the flypast had been scheduled to take place in four locations across the UK including Richmond to mark the 75th anniversary of VJ Day and the conclusion of the Second World War.

However, all but one of the displays (Belfast) was cancelled during the course of Saturday amid widespread rain and thunderstorms across swathes of the UK.

Later on Saturday, footage from the cockpit of a Red Arrow jet was posted by the air force's aerobatics team to Twitter, showing the blanket of heavy clouds that eventually forced the cancellation of the Richmond flypast.

"Sadly, the appalling weather - as seen here on approach into @RAFBrizeNorton this afternoon - has forced us to cancel today’s flypast over #London for #VJDay75.

"Very disappointing but safety always our first priority. #RedArrows," a spokesperson said.

VJ Day celebrations nonetheless took place throughout the UK to mark 75 years since the surrender of Imperial Japan marked the final act of the Second World War.

Earlier in the week, communities across the world remembered the 75th anniversary of dropping of the first and second atomic bombs by the United States on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.