FOOTAGE shows the moment a van driver was trapped under Wallington Bridge as parts of the UK was hit with flash flooding yesterday.

The van driver was left stranded until a worker helped him escape from the shocking flash flood at around 4.20pm.

The good samaritan encouraged the man to come down from the top of his van after he was apprehensive about getting in the water.

The flash flooding comes after sweltering conditions which saw parts of the UK rise to temperatures of over 30 degrees.

The Met Office has since issued yellow thunderstorm warnings for the next five days, with the potential of flash flooding or damage to buildings from lightning and hail.

John Dudley, of Lovett tattoos and Piercing on Woodcote Road, recorded the footage.

"I thought the weather was beautiful.

"I haven’t seen rain like it since I was in Malaysia!

"We popped outside the front of our tattoo shop to watch it when all the commotion started.

"I just felt so sorry for the man stuck in his van- his vehicle is possibly unusable now."

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