There has been backlash from drivers about the new road layout in Kimber Road, SW18, due to complaints about improper planning.

The layout is part of Earlsfield’s new Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme, restricting left turns from Kimber Road onto Twilley Street.

The Council has said it will significantly decrease traffic and enhance safety for those on bikes.

A new camera ensures that motorists who disobey the rules will face a penalty charge.

However, some drivers are complaining that signs give little warning, and have resulted in unfair fines.

One objector, Julian Senior, outlined the challenges:

“The first “New Road Layout Ahead” sign on Kimber Road is obscured, and the second one offers no information as to what the new traffic system is. The final sign is very small, and way off to the left - by this time, the traffic is in the middle of the road, due to parked cars on the left.

“The sign is also very last minute and is then negated by a give way sign and a roundabout sign which shows no road closure information.”

A spokesperson from the Council has commented:

“These are standard road signs, the same as everywhere up and down the country, published in the Highway Code and approved by the Department of Transport.

"The signs are placed prominently on the approach to this junction to alert drivers to the fact they cannot turn left. It is of course hugely important for safety reasons that motorists pay proper attention to all road signs and signals and observe the rules of the road.”

But some people have taken matters into their own hands.

On August 11, tensions spilled over when a vandalist – nicknamed “Wandsworth’s own Banksy” on neighbourhood group Nextdoor – defaced the sign.

Earlsfield Councillor, Jo Rigby, has expressed her disapproval on Twitter.