Three new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Kingston's riverside area in recent days according to the latest Public Health England (PHE) update.

The cases were reported in the most recent release of Covid-19 coronavirus data from PHE amid the ongoing pandemic that has seen it spread across the globe.

According to the PHE data, all three cases of the virus were confirmed between July 31 and August 6 in the "riverside" area of the borough in the side of town on the Thames river front.

Greater London Authority (GLA) data also confirmed the three additional cases of coronavirus in Kingston in their latest update on the number of virus cases in the borough.

Kingston Council (RBK)'s Chief Executive Ian Thomas called on all residents in the borough to get tested if they felt unwell, or showed any symptoms of coronavirus such as a new persistent cough, high temperature or loss of taste or smell.

"We are working hard to stop the spread of coronavirus. If you feel unwell and you feel it might be coronavirus, it is very important that you get yourself tested as soon as possible. Don't wait," he said in a video statement posted August 7.

"If you have symptoms of the virus you must get tested and self isolate until you get a result," he added.

Thomas also urged residents to where face masks in public spaces indoors and wherever physical distancing is difficult, as experts have warned masks greatly reduce the chances of passing on the virus.

"Wearing a face mask will help stop the spread of the virus. I've got mine here," Thomas said in the video, putting his own mask on to demonstrate.

"We can all keep Kingston safe by working together on this," he added.

Despite confirming its first case of Covid-19 in early March, Kingston has witnessed a relatively low total of cases so far compared to other London boroughs.

In total, 766 cumulative cases have been confirmed in Kingston, a lower figure than neighbouring boroughs such as Sutton (1 040) and Merton (974) though higher than Richmond's figure of 566 total cumulative cases.

Fears of a "second wave" of an increasing number of coronavirus cases in Europe have been heightened in recent days after Greece "formally" entered a second wave with a record rise in daily cases on Sunday.