A worldwide provider of six-a-side football leagues has announced its arrival in Croydon, with a massive new league due to start at the Selhurst Sports Arena later this summer.

Leisure Leagues bill themselves as the largest provider of six-a-side leagues in the UK and worldwide, organizing a "unique brand" of six-a-side football for teams and players of all abilities.

League games in Selhurst will run on Sunday evenings and, while the opening date for the new Selhurst Sports Arena league is yet to be confirmed, organisers tout it as an ideal fitness opportunity after months of lockdown.

"The fact we can bring our unique brand of football to Selhurst for the very first time is fantastic – especially at a time like this," Director Tom Nash said.

"The four months of inactivity we have undergone as a nation has been tough for everyone,” he added.

"The effects on obesity are well known – both the PM himself and Jenny Harries, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the UK have spoken about it – but also the mental health aspects are important too.

"People have been isolated, literally, away from their friends and family, and the vital camaraderie that we need has been lost..."

Organisers insist on the safety of the leagues amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and will put in place a number of related safety measures including cashless payments and instant red cards for players who don't physically distance from referees.

Meanwhile, the winners of the Selhurst Leisure League will be entered into a de-facto Champions League competition of the best Leisure League teams from across Europe.

"The wonderful thing about these leagues is they are a real community hub," Tom said.

Some of our players are top class, while others might not have played football for a long time, it brings everyone together."

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