A man from Croydon impacted by autism and ADHD has spoken out about his experiences in the workplace and how a charity helped him find a job right for him.

Mark, who has been diagnosed as on the autism spectrum and also suffers from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), currently works as a greenkeeper.

He was helped to find the work with the help of the Leonard Cheshire charity after struggling with a number of jobs due to difficulties associated with his conditions.

Speaking about previous work placements with the Leonard Cheshire charity, Mark said previous employers had struggled to grasp the impact his mental health had on his work:

"Autism can sometimes mean that I don't focus properly, but with the right people there that gets me right back on track," he said.

"The work experience helped because when I started I was not as good as I wanted to be," Mark added.

Your Local Guardian: Mark currently works as a greenkeeper. Image via Leonard CheshireMark currently works as a greenkeeper. Image via Leonard Cheshire

"I really credit Change Works with helping me gain confidence in myself and realising what I can do.

"Before the programme started, I was trying to get a job as a labourer; I even did two days, one in each separate job, but neither lasted longer than a day."

Leonard Cheshire provide work experience for people like Mark who might be impacted by their mental health conditions in typical work place environments under a scheme called Change Works.

"The months of training and practice definitely gave me the skills to move into worked employment and I am a greenkeeper," Mark said of his progress thanks to the programme.

The UK's National Autistic Society say working with autistic employees "can be an enriching experience for managers and colleagues alike, but it may also present some challenges."

They indicate that "social communication and interaction, other people's lack of understanding, and sensory issues" can all play a part, and provide advice on how working with autistic employees can be massively beneficial for both parties.

Leonard Cheshire rely on donations to keep programmes like Change Works going.

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