A petition urging Sutton Council to reverse their decision to close York Road bridge to vehicle traffic has been launched. 

Sutton Conservatives launched the campaign to prevent the 'ill-conceived' closure which is part of the Councils Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme. 

The scheme which is to be rolled out across the borough, aims to reduce air pollution, lower collision rates and encourage residents to switch to greener forms of transport.

However, Sutton Conservatives say the closure will increase journey times, traffic levels and pollution elsewhere.

Sutton Conservatives posted online: "It is vital that residents are consulted before any major changes are enforced.

“Drivers will seek an alternative route, and traffic will move laterally in the area between Sutton station and Cheam, increasing traffic jams and pollution.

York Road is a major link road, connecting the community either side of the railway line.

"The route provides a vital access route for emergency vehicles and links to doctors’ surgeries, vets, schools, local businesses, care homes and family residences.

"We believe strongly that the community and the environment will suffer."

Residents have also spoken out about the closure with what seems to be a large majority opposing the experimental scheme.

Your Local Guardian: Picture of York Road, Sutton Picture of York Road, Sutton

Alan Longhurst said: “Cycling is on the rise which is good, but I can’t get my tools and ladders on a bike.

"It needs to be a two-way street rather than, let’s just make life difficult for motorists in Sutton."

Georgia Hubbard said: "The closure will push traffic onto already busy roads.

"It’ll be a disaster."

The York road closure was proposed as part of the council's Liveable Neighbourhood bid in Autumn 2019.

Sutton Council defended the proposed closure and said the measures will create a “more pleasant environment.”

A spokesperson for Sutton Council said: "The measures will encourage people to walk and cycle, and reduce non-local traffic cutting through the area.

“The scheme is funded by the Government and they have told the Council to submit proposals and implement the schemes as quickly as possible.

“Emergency services and cyclists will be exempt from this closure.

"Residents living in the area will still be able to drive on to their street and receive deliveries. We will also be measuring the impact on neighbouring areas.

“As an experimental closure, we will ask residents during the trial period for their feedback on whether to continue, revise or end the scheme after six months.

"We look forward to working with residents, community groups and Councillors during this time."

To sign the petition visit York Road closure 

Sutton Council is looking to introduce the schemes in the below areas: 

- South Sutton (around Langley Park Road)

-Belmont (around Overton Road)

-Wallington (around Butter Hill)

-North Cheam

-Worcester Park