Six people have been charged as part of an investigation into a conspiracy to smuggle drugs into HMP High Down in Banstead.

In total, eight people were arrested after a package suspected to be cannabis was thrown over the prison wall at around 10.00 am on July 22. 

Six people, including three prisoners, have subsequently been charged with conspiracy to bring, throw, or convey a prohibited article into or out of a prison. 

They are:

-Jaspal Daudher, 23, of Varcoe Garden in Hayes.

-Almos Abbirazak,19, Hassan of Evergreen Drive in Hillingdon.

-Matthew Alexander Horace McKennon, 21, of Fairview Road in Wolverhampton.

Three prisoners:

Tajinder Daudher, 24, Jason Hunte, 22, and Carlos Connor Louis Lopez-Fagan, 26. 

All apart from Lopez-Fagan appeared at Guildford Magistrates Court on July 24.

Lopez-Fagan will appear at the same court on September 18. 

The remaining five are due to appear at Guildford Crown Court on August 27.

Two women, aged eighteen and twenty, who were arrested have been released without charge, but remain under investigation.