Pictures show scenes across the weekend, as hundreds campaigned in aid of the NHS, Black Lives Matter and the UK climate emergency.

Demonstrators were seen on both Saturday and Sunday campaigning for residents rights and a 'brighter future'.

Here are the three protests which took place between July 25 and July 26.

Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion Sutton were seen campaigning across Sutton and Carshalton High Street on Saturday, July 25.

Activists placed around 300 children shoes along the high streets to raise their concerns on how the UK climate emergency will affect the children of Sutton.

Members of the public were asked if they had heard that the council declared a climate and ecological emergency last year.

XR reported, out of the 123 people that were asked, only 9 people were aware that the Council had declared a climate emergency.

Your Local Guardian:

Nikki from Cheam, who walked passed the action said: “It was quite chilling.

"The shoe action was very simple but a clear statement.

"The shoes represented our children and their children and their children and their future in a vulnerable world."

Residents Against Racism

Residents Against Racism’s neighbourhood event focused on representing voices for those who have felt unheard whilst living in Sutton.

The family-friendly event saw more than 275 people in attendance, despite the rain on Saturday (July 25).

The event took place at The Grove, Bottom Green, between the hours of 1.15 pm to 3.00 pm.

The event featured; speeches, music and stories talking about residents experience's of being black and mixed in Sutton.

Your Local Guardian:

A spokesperson for Residents Against Racism said: "There was great strength and solidarity shown in our community.

"People from all walks of life came together with the simple message that the black community matters and should be treated equally."

He added: "Education is hugely needed on the subject of racial inequality in the UK.

"There is simply too little that the general public are aware of and our educational establishments and materials are geared towards white people.

Save St Helier's acute services

Around 30 ( limited numbers due to pandemic) protesters gathered opposite St Helier Hospital on Sunday, July 26.

The protest comes after it was confirmed on July 3, that a new state-of-the-art emergency care unit would be situated in Belmont.

Plans include, A&E, critical care and emergency surgery be combined and moved to the new site away from St Helier.

Health campaigners, patients, the Labour Party and the GMB Union which represents workers at both hospitals listened to speeches and expressed their opposition to the Improving Healthcare Together plans.

Your Local Guardian:

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A spokesperson for the campaigners said: "The protest was intended to raise awareness that there is still time to reverse the attack on the local hospitals.

"We are confident that many others will join our campaign.

"A lot of residents have heard about a shiny new hospital in Sutton and think there will be an improvement in services rather than cuts."