Extinction Rebellion is to hold a peaceful action in Sutton over the weekend.

XR activists are to place 300 children’s shoes in Sutton and Carshalton High Streets on July 25.

Activists will be replicating an action that was done in London’s Trafalgar Square on May 18 with the hopes of 'pushing' Sutton to act quicker on the emergency.

Extinction Rebellion intends to raise the alarm with banners reading 'This is an Emergency', and 'Inaction equals Death'.

XR says the empty shoes plan to draw attention to the "many lives that have already been lost and continue to be lost as a result of climate and ecological breakdown."

Passers-by will be asked if they would be willing to step inside the installation, to put themselves in the shoes of others who are currently on the frontline.

Your Local Guardian:

A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion Sutton said: "In the year that has passed since the council declared a climate emergency, we have seen more extreme weather events around the world and in the UK.

"Our emissions continue to rise and the recent Committee on Climate Change report highlighted the fact that the government was not even on track to meet its Carbon Zero by 2050 target.

"We are calling on all residents to stop looking away and to face the reality of this emergency.

"We have seen through Covid-19 that we can respond to an emergency and we have an opportunity to build a better world that is good for the planet and all that depend on it.

"We need to create a just transition that looks after all people, especially those most vulnerable and all of the creatures we share this planet with who do not have a voice."