A Victorian townhouse in Clapham Common will open its doors this Friday (24 July), to showcase pandemic-inspired street art to the public.

The exhibition – titled disCONNECT – highlights the struggles artists have faced, both physically and creatively, when producing work in the current crisis.

The period property features the work of creators from around the globe, including Farto, aka ‘Vhils’ (Portugal), Aida Wilde (Iran) and Isaac Cordal (Spain).

However, the public are also encouraged to submit their own art works for potential inclusion.

Installations reimagine the household space with lockdown in mind.

Your Local Guardian:

A toilet “pandemic mausoleum”, with loo-roll tubes donated from neighbours and other bathroom items - Aida Wilde 

Your Local Guardian:

A photo exhibit in the master bedroom that incorporates the original artwork found in the house - Alex Fakso

Your Local Guardian:

Miniatures of a masked man, socially isolated in a bird cage - Isaac Cordal

The exhibition is presented in collaboration with HKwalls, a Hong-Kong based arts organisation which promotes local and international street artists and culture.

Director, Nicole Schoeni, says:

“Schoeni Projects is the exciting next chapter in my family’s commitment to facilitating cross-cultural collaborations between Asia and Europe.

“My hope is that, whilst reflecting my father’s philosophy and unique joie-de-vivre, Schoeni Projects will provide a distinctly new and dynamic space within the Wandsworth community, and that disCONNECT inspires and creates a dialogue about the effects and influences of the pandemic.”

The exhibition is free and runs from July 24 - August 24.

You can get tickets here.