A four-year-old with disabilities is taking part in a fundraising mission after being inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Grayson Harris, 4, and his mother, Bethany Ford, 24, are aiming to walk/ run 45 kilometres by the end of July to fundraise for 'Group B Strep' charity.

The four-year-old caught meningitis after suffering from group B strep as a newborn.

As a result, he now has global development delay and has cognitive and behavioural problems.

The fundraiser is in aid of the charity Group B Strep, who have launched the 'Step for Strep' campaign.

Your Local Guardian:

Bethany Ford said: “The older Grayson gets the more we find out about the extent of his global development delay and how it affects him.

"He is behind other children of his age and isn’t reaching the same milestones with his development, language and his awareness as they are.

“Grayson lacks spatial awareness and falls over quite a lot.

"He has cuts and bruises up his arms and legs as a result.

"But when we kept seeing what Captain Tom was achieving it inspired us to do our little bit to help those who have supported us.

“This is a really big challenge for Grayson and I can’t be any prouder of the way he has taken to it.

"It’s incredible to think that we have already completed the distance we have.

“We are so grateful to everyone who has supported Grayson either through encouraging him or through donations. It means so much to us.”

Since his diagnosis, specialist lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have been helping the family access specialist therapies and support Grayson requires.

Legal expert at Irwin Mitchell, Richard Kayser said: “It’s incredible to hear about Grayson’s determination and generosity by taking part in a charity fundraiser which is clearly a challenge for him.

“The charity sector is undoubtedly struggling at this time and it’s great to see Grayson and Bethany helping to make a difference.

“Grayson is also a brilliant example of why you shouldn’t let a disability stop you from doing what you want to achieve.”

Donations reached £100 at the time of publishing.

To donate, visit at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/bfgh10k