Pictures and videos show a pop-up festival which took place on Clapham Common last night.

Picnic-goers were seen basking in the heat when they noticed two DJ's 'randomly' setting up equipment.

Hundreds took the opportunity to participate in the unlicensed event which took place around 9.30 pm, on July 17.

The event saw the DJ's interacting with the crowd, whilst LED lights shone above them.

A group of friends who were sitting on the field said the entire park stood up and started to dance.

One boy said: "Two DJ's turned up out of nowhere, with big wireless speakers and a deck.

"The whole park stood up and started dancing to garage music before sunset.

"Clapham Common turned into a festival.

"The police arrived in four bully vans at around 10.45 pm - they killed the vibe."

Wandsworth Times has previously reported news of two illegal raves that have taken place in the borough.

Police were called to Tooting Bec Common which saw around 700 people in attendance on June 27.

The illegal event led to a 48-hour dispersal order which covered all of Clapham Town, Clapham Common and Larkhall Wards in Lambeth, as well as Queenstown Ward in Wandsworth.

A second event took place on July 8 on Park Court Road in Battersea, which lead to another dispersal order on July 9.

Police have been contacted for comment.