Amazon has removed a number of "balcony barbecues" from its website after they were linked to a fire which devastated a flat-block.

The retail giant stopped the sale of the specific barbecues designed to be used on balconies over concerns they are a safety hazard.

London Fire Brigade said a string of blazes at flats in the capital had been caused by cooking outside during the lockdown heatwave, including an incident in Deptford, London in May.

Amazon said the products were removed when the "new evidence" came to light.

Your Local Guardian:

A spokesman said: "Safety is extremely important to Amazon.

"As soon as the London Fire Brigade raised concerns and new evidence about these particular products we took quick action, removed them from sale and contacted customers.

"We value the expertise of the London Fire Brigade and are committed to working closely with them and other relevant authorities on these matters.

"If customers ever have a concern about an item they've purchased, we encourage them to contact our customer service team directly so we can investigate and take appropriate action."

The Brigade's Deputy Commissioner Richard Mills wrote to Amazon and other companies that stock or manufacture the products last month, describing them as "incredibly irresponsible".

Firefighters have attended more than 600 balcony fires in the city in the last three years.

Dozens of residents were evacuated from the Deptford building and many people were made permanently homeless.

Your Local Guardian:

The barbecue was thrown in a plastic bag and left on the balcony, where the fire started and damaged the fifth floor flat, as well as most of the roof of the building and part of the roof of the next door block.

In a call for action, the fire brigade warned balcony fires can be devastating as they can easily spread to neighbouring properties, potentially leaving many people homeless.

Wind can also fan or carry smouldering cigarettes and embers from barbecues to lower or next door balconies.

Amazon and gift retailer Menkind both said they removed the items from sale and contacted customers who had bought them offering a full refund if they return or dispose of the barbecues.

Deputy Commissioner Mills is now urging anyone who has bought similar barbecues and has received an email from one of these companies not to ignore it and to take the risks seriously.

Anyone with a balcony barbecue from another outlet has been told to contact the company and raise the issue if they have not already heard from them.