A couple from Raynes Park have found a silver lining of lockdown, by creating a new contactless delivery service offering fresh groceries across the UK.

When the pandemic hit, Emma Soulsby, 37, and Leigh Daley, 44, whom both work in the florist industry, was left wondering how they would survive without their incomes.

The UK lockdown had an immediate impact on Emma's business, Emma Soulsby Flowers, who soon lost the majority of her clients due to events being postponed until 2021.

Her partner Leigh also suffered from the pandemic, with his job at New Covent Garden Flower Market being put to a halt.

Your Local Guardian:

After watching the news and hearing about the growing demand for food deliveries, the creative couple sat down and came up with the business idea, now known as 'Magnificent Marrow.'

The service offers everything from, top quality fresh fruit, vegetables, baked goods, fresh meat to flowers and plants.

The fantastic business concept also aims to provide work to those affected by the pandemic, starting with their pastry chef, who lost his catering business.

Emma Soulsby said: "After seeing the growing demand for non-contact food deliveries for vulnerable people, and those juggling the new realities of daily life- we realised that we had to create a new business that helped people get the fresh produce they need in a safe way.

"I’ve always been passionate about fresh produce, whether it’s beautiful flowers or juicy heritage tomatoes.

Your Local Guardian:

"I’m a big believer that fresh fruit and vegetables are the key to a happy and healthy life, and love being able to share this with our customers in one quick, easy and safe home delivery service.”

Leigh Daley added: “Launching Magnificent Marrow certainly hasn’t been without its sleepless nights.

"However, we are really proud to have created something positive out of such a negative time and hopefully we are able to put a few smiles on people’s faces through what we are doing.”

Emma and Leigh are set to launch a pop-up market on July 25, at Unit 107, Rainbow Industrial Park, SW20 OJY.

Every Saturday between the hours of 8.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Nationwide Delivery will officially launch on July 31.

Magnificent Marrow are offering NHS workers 10% off, to shop online visit at https://www.magnificentmarrow.co.uk/