A three-month delay in laptops for disadvantaged children across Sutton is unacceptable says Councillor Manuel Abellan.

Sutton Council did not receive laptops for disadvantaged school pupils until the end of June, it emerged this week at a meeting of the council’s Strategy & Resources Committee.

Lib Dem councillor and Deputy Leader of the Council, Manuel Abellan asked council officers to clarify:

“Schools went into lockdown on 20th March.

"It was on April 19, a whole month later, that Conservative ministers announced disadvantaged school pupils would get laptops to help them study from home.

"Is my understanding correct that Sutton did not get its share of laptops until the end of June?”

Council officers confirmed that Councillor Abellan was correct and that Sutton was only able to distribute its laptops from June 30- over three months after schools went into lockdown.

At the end of June, Sutton received 537 laptops to distribute.

Your Local Guardian:

Councillor Manuel Abellan said: “Tory minister's handling of the pandemic has been absolutely shambolic- this is another example why.

"Disadvantaged pupils already face so many barriers in life and they’ve now had their education disrupted.

"For Tory ministers to take three whole months to ensure Sutton’s pupils get laptops is utterly unacceptable.

"Families and children across Sutton deserve better than this.”